Practical information


The conference will be held at the lodge "Cascada de las Ánimas" at Cajón del Maipo, a beautiful landscape on the hillside of the Andes Mountains, 1 hour away from Santiago de Chile. 

The organizers will take care of all participants transportation from Santiago´s airport (on Sunday 31 August) to the place of the conference
 and back (on Saturday 06 by noon). The lodging of all participants is also covered by the organization, including meals and coffee breaks from Monday to Saturday morning. 

Besides this, t
he lodge counts with activities like rafting, canopy, horse back riding, massages. Cascada accepts credit cards, but does not have an ATM. Therefore, if you would like to go around and get to know more of Cajón del Maipo, you will need to get some local currency in the airport. Cascada also has a SUV for rent. There is an ATM  in the village of San José de Maipo, which is 10 minutes away by car or public transportation.

Weather in September (the beginning of the spring) in this part of Chile is cold in the mornings (5-10°C) and then the temperature goes up 15-20°C in the afternoon, so bring your jacket and boots, and maybe an umbrella, because there is always the possibility of rain. 

In case of problems upon your arrival, you can contact us to the phone number 56 9 74845109.

Last but not least, i
f you are entering to Chile with a passport issued by Australia, Canada, México, or USA, you have to pay a Reciprocity Tax at the airport; please check:


We are looking forward to see you in September.