LXIII Colloquium: Celebrating Rafael Labarca┬┤s 60th Birthday

Rafael Labarca obtained his PhD at IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, under the supervision of Jacob Palis, in 1985. He has held positions at IMPA as a research assistant and at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, where he is a full professor. His mathematical work has been devoted mostly to the Bifurcation Theory of  Dynamical Systems. His contributions have been deep and groundbreaking. He is one of the fundamental figures in the development of the Chilean Group of Dynamical Systems. He has organised seminars, conferences, and several international schools in the subject. Rafael Labarca has generously supported young researchers in the field of mathematics. Much of his time and effort has been devoted to develop outreach activities, such as the "Campeonato Escolar de Matemáticas" (CMAT) which is one of his most outstanding creations. Recently, he has developed the Project "Academias de Matemáticas", at public primary schools localised in some of the poorest areas of Santiago. Thereby, in the occasion of his 60th birthday, this Colloquium is devoted to celebrate not only his mathematical work but also his enthusiasm and generosity.

Godofredo Iommi
Andrés Navas
Mario Ponce
Bernardo San Martín
Carlos Vásquez